Slot Games | Top 7 Slot Types

Whether you’re visiting a casino in Vegas, or you’re accessing an online casino via your phone, the slot machine is, by far, the most popular type of casino game that people play. Not only are slot machines incredibly fun and exciting, with their loud noises and beautiful appearance, but they are also purely decided on luck and frequently have high payouts. Understanding the types of slot machines available and how they are played can ensure that you maximize your winnings and have a fantastic time during the process!

Slot Games

Classic Slot Machines

These are your stereotypical slot machine and have been around for many years. There is a single play line straight across the middle, and there are three reels. You can generally bet several increments depending on how lucky you’re feeling. Additionally, there is usually a maximum bet option that allows you to place the highest bid possible for that machine on.

Bonus Slot Machines

Bonus slot machines are often seen in conjunction with video slot machines, however you can easily find them on most other types including your traditional classic slot machine. The bonus games can be activated by hitting the bonus symbols and you will either get a bonus prize, or you’ll be taken to a new screen (providing it’s a video slot machine), where you can spin for big prizes or extra turns!

Fruit Machines

If you’re looking at online casino games, you will almost never see a fruit machine as they are typical casino games found in pubs and restaurants in England. These fruit machines are similar to normal three or five wheel classic machines except there are also other features that allow you to sometimes hold a reel, or attempt to guess at a number.

Loyalty slot Machines

Should you be looking for a great online slot machine to start out with, then it is suggested to begin with a loyalty machine. Loyalty slot machines are fantastic in the sense that the machines really make it worth your while to stay and continue playing on them. This is because on top of your normal odds of winning, you’re given loyalty points based on the times you’ve played and the numbers you’ve hit on the machine. If you get the requirement amount, you can quality for a loyalty player bonus which means a nice payout on top of your current winnings!

Multi Payline Slot Machines

Another great option for beginner and expert players is a slot machine featuring multiple pay lines. When you can bet on more than one line, you can dramatically increase your chances of winning. Choose what lines you wish to pick (they generally are highlighted by the game) and you can determine how much you’d like to bet for each line. While you do generally spend far more per round on multi pay line machines, you also greatly increase your chance of winning each round!

Progressive Slot Machines

Next you have progressive slot machines, which are typically a fan favorite. If you’re looking to win big, then progressive slot machines may definitely be the answer you’re looking for. Progressive games are played on a variety of slot machine types as the jackpot is simply what changes – growing higher and higher with each play until someone eventually wins it and it is reset.

Video Slot Machines

Last but not least are video slot machines. They were touched upon earlier, however video slot machines are an exciting and relatively new type of slot machine when compared to the rest. Thanks to advancements in technology, animated screens have allowed users to see what is happening on their slot machine and to be delighted by displays and animations. These types of machines are found both on land casinos and online, and can be seen in a variety of styles!

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