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Online Roulette Tipps for new Players | Online Casino Press

Online Roulette Tipps for new Players

Online Roulette is a widely exciting and addictive game both in person and online. The beautiful roulette table is split into two parts – a wheel that spins, and a table with markings on it for bets to be placed on. The bets are made prior to the wheel being spun and the marble being placed on the wheel. When the marble lands on a specific color and number, the individuals who placed the correct bets according to what was landed on wins. Online casinos have worked hard to ensure that the virtual roulette is as similar to real life as possible – this means that you’re able to enjoy watching the wheel being spun and see it all streaming live onto your computer!

Online Roulette
If you’ve never played roulette personally, then you’ve probably seen it in movies. You may initially think that there is no skill needed and think that luck is the main contributor to anyone winning. While luck does play a massive role in roulette, both online and in person, there are a few tips that can help you be a better player and increase your chances of winning!

Two different types of wheels

One of the first things that you should know about online roulette is that while there is no guaranteed way to win, you will significantly increase your chances of losing when you play with an American wheel over the European one. The American and European wheel options are not very different visually except for the fact that the American wheel features a double zero spot on it. Many experienced roulette players will look through a wide variety of online roulette games to find one featuring an European version. While an American wheel may be more popular online and the European version may have smaller betting increments, you’ll find that when you play both that you lose almost twice as much with the American version thanks to a significant house advantage!

Practice with free casinos or bonus money

If you’ve never played roulette before, then you should definitely practice to develop your strategy. Different strategies work for different people, and you don’t want to end up wasting your money on doing so. Look for ways to practice with no deposit casinos that offer a signup bonus. Additionally, try practicing on online casinos that don’t use money at all!
Only play if you’re ready to lose – this may sound somewhat confusing, but the truth is that your roulette strategy will not work 100% of the time. This means that you should always place a bet on a roulette table expecting to lose that money. Only bet when you can afford to lose as this will ensure that you don’t go overboard and spend too much!

Quit when you’re ahead

Lastly, it is important to quit when you’re ahead. Online casinos have a tendency to entice you to spend your money but you need to realize that this is designed so that the house always wins. Even if you win several hundred dollars on one game, don’t put it all back into the casino. Instead, withdraw it and enjoy your winnings! Overall, online roulette is exciting and can be played with your computer, tablet, or even on your phone! One you understand how roulette works and you develop a strategy that works best for you, then you’ll love to play online at the myriad of virtual casinos available!

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