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Poker Hands Order List – Poker Hands Sorted | Online Casino Press

Poker Hands Order List – Poker Hands Sorted

Before beginning any online casino game, it is absolutely imperative that you not only understand the rules and gameplay, but you understand what you need to do to win. In poker, no matter what type of poker you’re playing, you’re always going to ned to know the basic poker hands. These hands are homogenous across all of the poker games and understanding how to get specific hands can lead you to winning the jackpot!

Poker Hands

First, know that there are two odd types of poker hands you may come across– Kansas and the California. The Kansas poker hands are played using lower ranked cards (those going from deuce to seven. California style poker hands use the Ace to five cards. Other than that, you will typically see a full deck of cards used with no highs or low’s taken out. This means that you’ve got the following hand choices the following order:

  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pair
  • One pair
  • High card

Those poker hands are sorted from high to low according to their value and rank. The straight flush is the ultimate winning hand and you’re sure to absolutely demolish your opponents when you’ve got a straight flush hiding away in your hand. On the other end of the spectrum, a high card is generally a face card (Jack, Queen, or King), or even the Ace if the Ace is played as a high card like it is in most traditional games. Understand that in the event that you and an opponent have the same hand, a high card on the side will tip the balance one way or the other! Here is the poker hands ordered list:

Understanding the Hands

  1. Straight flush
    A straight flush is five cards that are organized in sequence and are all of the same exact suit. This means you can have the 8 of clubs clear to the Queen of clubs and they all have to be the same suit for it to be a straight flush. Variations of the straight flush include where the Ace is either high or low as it can go either way. If the Ace is high and there is a royal flush (as in the 10 through the Ace), then the hand is near impossible to beat unless the opponent is dealt the same hand which is a very slim chance.
  2. Four of a kind
    As the name suggests, a four of a kind is a hand that contains four cards of the same exact kind. This means that all four Aces would have to be held, or all four Deuces. The card on the side, aka the Kicker, is often used when there is a draw between hands to determine which hand will ultimately win.
  3. Full house
    The third best hand possible in poker is a Full House. This is where a player holds three cards that are exactly the same type (for example, three Kings), and then there are two other cards that are a different type (say two Ten’s). This type of hand is quite good and even outranks the Flush. If, however, an opponent has a Full House as well, the three matching cards that are the highest type will win!
  4. Flush
    A Flush is simply a card hand that features five cards of the same suit. None of them have to be paired up, however they all five have to be either Clubs, Spades, Diamonds, or Hearts.
  5. Straight
    A straight is only slightly lower than a flush and has to be cards in sequential order. The Ace, much like in the straight flush, can be either high or low depending on the cards it is matched with.
  6. Three of a kind
    A very self-explanatory hand that is characterized by having three cards of the exact same kind. In the event of a draw, the highest kicker will win.
  7. Two Pair
    Two sets of paired cards, such as two Aces and two Fours. The higher the cards the more successful they will be in the event of a draw.
  8. One Pair
    A single pair of cards that match. The lowest possible hand that can be made except for a high card.
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