Online Poker Game Types – Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, …

Online Poker is one of the most exciting and addictive online casino games because it relies heavily on skill. Bluffing other players, knowing when to fold, and understanding the subtle nuances of the game can ensure that anyone walking in with just a few bucks can leave with hundreds! For any novice looking to improve their card skills, or simply just looking to try and win a huge jackpot while playing an intense and exciting game, then consider one of the many different types of online poker games that are available at various virtual casinos

Online Poker

Popular Types of Online Poker

There are many different variants of poker games played with a number of players ranging anywhere from two to nine. For online games, you are likely going to be sat at a table with three or more players and you can enjoy a speed game or a normal paced game. While there are many variants and some specific to certain online casinos, we’ve listed the top five types of online poker games below!

  • Texas Hold’em
    This popular poker variant is played with anywhere between two to nine players and relies heavily on skill. There are five community cards that are face up on the table, and two cards held by each player. As the cards are dealt out, players begin placing bets based on what they have in their hand as well as what their cards combine with for the community cards. Players can fold out, or continue battling till the end where the hands are laid out to see who has the highest plays and wins.
  • Omaha Poker
    Omaha poker, frequently called Omaha hold’em, is another poker game played with anywhere between two to nine players. This game, as you may suspect, is very similar to Texas hold’em however players are dealt four cards. From those four cards in each player’s hands, they must make the best hand from two of the four when combined with the community cards.
  • Seven Card Stud
    Stud poker has several variants, the most popular of which is seven card stud and five card stud. Seven card stud is played with anywhere from two to eight players. Players begin by placing bets then are dealt three cards each with two cards faced down and one up. Another round of bets is placed and those that are left on the table who haven’t folded are dealt another face up card. The rounds continue with more cards being placed face up until the fifth round of cards comes and then the players are dealt a final face down card and the final round of bets are made. Out of the seven total cards, the player who has the best hand from five of those seven wins.
  • Five Card Stud
    Another stud poker variant is five card stud. This variant plays out in the same exact way as seven card stud does, however only one card is dealt at the beginning face down (as in only the player themselves can see it). The rounds continue with the final fifth round of cards being dealt face down.
  • Razz Poker
    Last but not least is Razz poker. This is another stud poker that is played exactly like seven card stud. There is, however, one main difference in that Razz poker is played with the lowest possible hand winning. The ace is a low card and a maximum of eight players is set.

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