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Live Roulette – What you need to know | Online Casino Press

Live Roulette – What you need to know

With the expansion of online casino games and gambling options, it was only logical that live roulette come into existence. Roulette, as you may know, is a fantastic casino game that centers around a ball being spun in the opposite direction on a spinning wheel. The ball will land in one of the designated slots and bets are placed as to whether or not the ball landed in a low/high number, an odd/even number, or even a red or black number.

Live Roulette

Online roulette vs Live roulette

Previously, online roulette was played with everything computerized from the dealer, to the wheel to the tables. Nothing was real and this fact made it somewhat worrisome for players who were concerned about the legitimacy of certain online casinos and games. Fortunately, live roulette has completely changed the playing field for online gamblers.
Instead of everything being virtual, you actually get to see a real dealer streaming onto your computer, phone, or laptop. From there you can watch an actual ball and watch it be spun around an actual wheel. These dealers are professionally dressed and help moderate the game in a way that is very similar to actual casinos!

How live dealers are viewed

Much like you would in a normal online roulette game, you would choose your gaming table and enter the virtual room. The main difference is that in live roulette, when you enter your virtual room, you’ll have a larger screen on your computer or mobile device picturing the current live dealer with the roulette table and ball. There are still the same exact betting features seen in all other online roulette games, however there may be an option where players can communicate with the dealer if there is something that has gone amiss.

Rules for Live Roulette

For many, when they get used to a certain gaming platform they have certain expectations on payouts and winnings. That’s why some may be skeptical on a new platform for live roulette because the rules may seemingly change. Fortunately for anyone who enjoys playing the exciting game of roulette – it is exactly the same.
Live roulette differs only in how it delivers the image of the ball and the table. Instead of a virtual wheel with a virtual ball and dealer, there is a real live person – none of the chances of winning have changed in any way nor has the way the bets are placed changed!

Online vs Real Life

If you’re still not sure whether you want to take a chance at roulette online or if you’re going to stick to casinos based on land, then it may help to assuage your doubts to know that everything is exactly the same online with live roulette except it makes roulette from your computer or laptop feel so much more immersive. In fact, advancements in live roulette have even gone as far as to allow you to communicate with the dealer and hear them communicate back!
The ability to stream video directly from the live dealer to the player is an absolutely marvel of technology that bodes well for online gambling and the overall “interactive” feel for the players. Live roulette, much like other online casino games, has been dramatically enhanced with technological advancements and we can only expect further prowess as the years go by!

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