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Play Blackjack and Win Real Money | Online Casino Press

Play Blackjack and Win Real Money

Blackjack is a game, which is played with eight, six, four, two or one decks of cards. Some of the casinos also use a constant shuffling machine. Basically, in a double or single deck game, the dealer holds all the cards, and he deals them. On the other hand, in the multi-deck games, all the cards are dealt from a box that looks like a tray. This is referred to as the shoe. The latest online casino websites are starting to adopt a system where the constant shufflers would hold the cards, as well as shuffle.

Play Blackjack

Particularly, in the hand held Blackjack games, all the cards are dealt with the face down and the player is permitted to pick his card. However, in the shoe game, all the cards are dealt face down, and the person playing is not allowed to pick the cards. But, the basic rules to online play blackjack are just the same.


The basic purpose of this online game is to win by thrashing the dealer. You will be declared a winner, if the total of your cards is higher than the cards of the dealer without exceeding 21. Your purpose is not to get close to the number 21, because, if the dealer’s hand, or yours, exceed 21 you will be declared as bust. Being bust means losing the game. Also, if you do not bust, but the dealer does, then you win. Here the player needs to act first, thus regardless of the dealer’s position; if the player busts he loses. You can play blackjack on the various online websites that offer you great deals.

Values of the Card

The cards from 2 to 10 are always counted at their face value. All these cards are known to have ten as a value. An ace could be counted as eleven or one. A five and queen will be counted as fifteen. A five and an ace can total as sixteen to six. A hand that consists of an ace is known as a soft hand, whereas one without an ace is known to be a hard hand. You can understand this in more detail by taking the online tutorials about how to go about playing blackjack. Here you can learn how to play blackjack on the live playing table online. These online casino websites provide tutorials that will make things easier. Playing blackjack online can be a great way to relax. You can play it from anywhere and at any time from the comfort of your own home. The interactivity of the game is now possible thanks to high quality software on these sites.

Online Blackjack Table

In real life, blackjack is played on a special table, which is semi-circle in shape. Each player gets his separate square or circle. When you start playing you must get chips from the other table, or buy them from the dealer. The structure of the game does not change even when you play it online. You may want to read first how to not suck in Blackjack.

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