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Online Blackjack – How not to suck at Blackjack | Online Casino Press

Online Blackjack – How not to suck at Blackjack

Commonly referred to as Twenty-One, Blackjack is an incredibly popular casino game that involves you essentially “beating” the dealer’s hand. This game is preferred by many because it can be played with just one person and there is no bluffing involved. Never played blackjack before? Considering starting an account with an online casino? Then continue reading to understand how to play Blackjack online and tips to help turn the odds of winning to your favor!

Online Blackjack

How to play Blackjack

Of the card games available at casinos, Blackjack is one of the easiest to play and understand. The idea is to get the best hand and beat the dealer without going over a score of twenty-one. Two cards total are dealt to each player including the dealer. The cards are face up and additional cards can be added on if a player requests it by saying “hit”. One of three things can happen when additional cards are taken:

  • Blackjack – this happens when a player reaches a score of twenty-one. This can happen on the first two cards, or it can be through several cards adding up to twenty-one. An Ace can count as either a score of eleven or one depending on how a player wants to add it up in their hand. If a player gets a blackjack it is a win.
  • Bust – a bust is when a player gets a score over twenty-one. If the dealer busts then the player automatically wins no matter how low their score is. If a player busts, then the dealer wins.
  • Score under twenty-one – since the idea is to get the highest hand without going over a score of twenty-one, most players will stop calling for more cards at around a score of seventeen. This is a fairly high hand and has a moderate chance of winning. If a player gets a score above the dealer than they win – same is true vice versa.

Tips on Winning

Blackjack, like all casino card games, is a combination of both skill and luck. You cannot control the cards dealt to you, but you need to understand the subtleties of the game to make the most of the cards dealt.

Dealer will almost always stop at seventeen. It is a general rule for casinos, both online and in person that the dealer will hit for more cards if they reach a score of seventeen. Understanding this gives new players a good advantage on their calls. If you get a hand of anywhere between nineteen and twenty-one then you should stand because the chances of you winning are almost guaranteed.

If you have an ace in your hand and it’s soft (IE you’re scoring it as one not eleven), then always make sure that you hit on a soft seventeen – this is a 6 and an Ace card. Understand that multiple decks are often used. Five decks is generally a good number, however if six or more is used then your chances of winning are lowered.


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